How do I buy badges, and what’s the difference between them?
You can buy badges and find all the info you need about them on our badges page by clicking HERE.
Where do I pickup my badge?
Badge pick-up details will be shared closer to the start of the festival.
I've got my badge, how do I reserve a ticket?
Badgeholders will be able to reserve their tickets for each day through Eventive. We recommend downloading Fantastic Fest’s official app in the Google or Apple store for the best experience. All authorized badge holders can also reserve tickets by visiting www.fanasticfest.com, and logging into their account by selecting the ‘My Badges’ icon on the top right hand corner. Using our ticketing system through Eventive is the only way to reserve tickets for the following day’s films.
When can CULT MEMBER and SUPERFAN holders reserve a ticket?
‍Our film schedule and ticketing access for the entire festival (Sept. 19th-Sept. 26th) will open up one week in advance on Wednesday, Sept. 11th, at 10:00 AM CT for CULT MEMBER and SUPERFAN badge holders. You can then log into our app or website to reserve tickets for every single day of the festival in advance. To guarantee your first choice of film, make sure you reserve your tickets by 10:00 AM on Wednesday, Sept. 18th which is when ticketing will become available to all badge holders. After that deadline, we cannot guarantee your first choice of films will be available.
What about other badge holders? When can they reserve a ticket?
FAN, INDUSTRY, and PRESS badge holders can log into their ticketing account through the app or website and reserve tickets for each film you would like to see the next day starting on Sept. 18th. For example, at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, Sept. 18th, tickets for all screenings on Thursday, Sept. 19th, will be available to reserve. Then, on Thursday, Sept. 20th at 10:00 am, tickets for all screenings on Friday, Sept. 21st will become available, and so on. SECOND-HALF badge holders: remember to log in at 10:00 am on Sunday, Sept. 22nd to select tickets for your first day of the fest.
How many tickets can I reserve each day?
We show five rounds of films per day, and you can only reserve one ticket per round, so five total per day. You can return tickets you have reserved on the app up to 30 minutes before the film starts.
What if I can't make it a film I have a ticket for?
Please cancel your tickets for all films you don’t plan on attending by selecting ‘Cancel Tickets’ in the Eventive app or website. This will enable your ticket to be reserved by another badgeholder. You can cancel tickets and reserve new ones as many times as you want for as many rounds as you want up to 30 minutes prior to the show you are trying to get a ticket for.
How do I use my reserved tickets?
All badges are barcoded and linked to your Eventive ticketing account. There are no paper tickets. When the displays in the lobby and courtyard indicate your film AND badge group are seating, make your way to the theater. There, a volunteer will scan your badge and you’re in! If you are in the wrong place, the scanners will tell us where you are supposed to be and our staff will help you get to where you need to be.
I don't have a badge, can I still buy tickets for individual films?
If you wish to attend a screening during the festival but do not have a badge, we often have walk up tickets available prior to the start of the film. These tickets are not released to non-badge holders until 10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure all badge holders are able to access the screenings first. Walk up tickets will be $15 each and can be purchased at the box office. Please note that larger titles such as opening and closing night films will not have walk up tickets available.
This all sounds great but what if I get a little lost during the festival?
We’ve got your back! If you are new to the festival and all of this just blew your mind, don't worry. The best part about Fantastic Fest is that we all take care of each other. If you get confused, aren't sure if it's working right, or just have questions, please stop by the general information booth at the box office and someone can help you.